How many people are homeless in our community?

A point-in-time count in January 2011, showed 856 homeless persons in Durham and Orange Counties: 196 were in families (23 percent), and 179 (21 percent) were chronically homeless.

Read more about Durham County's 2011 point-in-time count.

Read more about Orange County's 2011 point-in-time count.

How many people are served by Housing for New Hope?

Housing for New Hope serves over 150 adult men and women across all of its programs each day. More than sixty individuals live in permanent supportive housing in three sites throughout Durham.

Who does Housing for New Hope serve?

Housing for New Hope serves men and women of many different races, religions, and ages. Housing for New Hope residents, tenants, and consumers have a wide variety of backgrounds. Some have had little formal schooling, while others have advanced degrees. Many are unemployed, but a number have full- or part-time jobs. Some struggle with mental illness, disability, addiction, or isolation; and none has found affordable housing. With help, some are able to move into permanent supportive housing fairly rapidly. But for many others, it takes time to regain stability and the confidence to face the world. Our services include outreach, case management, and recovery groups. We also give referrals to other service providers. Staff provides all residents, tenants, and consumers with encouragement and the tools needed to reconnect with work, housing and community.

Where does Housing for New Hope operate?

Housing for New Hope provides street outreach and housing support in Durham and Orange Counties. Its transitional houses and apartment developments are in Durham County.

How do men and women find out about Housing for New Hope?

Housing for New Hope is well known in the community and has partnerships with numerous nonprofit and governmental agencies and congregations that serve poor or homeless men and women. Most of our residents, tenants, and consumers have heard about Housing for New Hope through friends, family members, other human service agencies, or congregations.

How many employees are there?

There are nearly 30 full- and part-time employees working at Housing for New Hope in various houses and facilities throughout Durham and Orange Counties.

What is the annual budget?

Housing for New Hope’s annual budget is approximately $2.2 million.

How is Housing for New Hope funded?

Housing for New Hope is funded by individuals, foundations, corporations, congregations, and city, county, state, and federal governments.

How can I help?

Housing for New Hope welcomes help from individuals and organizations who are willing to volunteer or make a financial contribution.

Where are Housing for New Hope locations?

View map of Housing for New Hope's locations.

Does Housing for New Hope accept donations of clothing, furniture and household items?

Many of our residents, tenants, and consumers benefit from donated clothing, furniture, and household items. Please email info@housingfornewhope.org with the subject line ‘Donated goods’ to learn what our current needs are.

How do I get an application for Housing for New Hope’s permanent housing?

Housing for New Hope maintains a wait list for its housing program. For information, see Housing for New Hope’s eligibility guidelines and housing application.

How can my school/group organize a fundraiser?

Please email info@housingfornewhope.org with the subject line 'Fundraising.' Include your name and address and someone will reply to your message with more information.

I'm worried about a homeless individual on the street. Other than giving him/her money, what can I do to help?

Please email info@housingfornewhope.org with the subject line ‘Street outreach’. Include information about the individual, and someone will contact you shortly.

I am a services provider. How do I obtain information about your services for my client?

Please email info@housingfornewhope.org with the subject line 'Service provider' if you are:

  • A homeless service provider and would like to speak to your counterpart at Housing for New Hope.
  • Currently coordinating a program or project for homeless individuals and need more information about a Housing for New Hope model.
  • Work with individuals moving out of a secured facility and need to speak to someone regarding Housing for New Hope’s transitional programs.
Why are people homeless?

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