Quick Facts

Established in 1992, Housing for New Hope is a nonprofit organization serving the needs of homeless individuals and those at risk of homelessness in Durham and Orange Counties.

Housing for New Hope is supported by more than 750 individuals, 22 congregations, more than 20 businesses and civic organizations, six foundations, and federal, state, and local government agencies.


The mission of Housing for New Hope is to prevent and end homelessness by providing increased access to Healthcare, Integrated Services, and Housing.

Services include

  • Outreach and Engagement: Unsheltered and uninsured homeless men and women in Durham and Orange Counties are served daily by workers on foot and by vehicle. Ongoing case management and connections to healthcare and other necessary services are provided.
  • Housing and Crisis Assistance: More than $200,000 is provided annually for rental and other financial assistance to the precariously housed and formerly homeless. Staff assist the homeless to obtain and maintain housing and work closely with private landlords through the process.
  • Transitional Housing:The year-long program assists homeless men and women to regain structure in their lives, which can include gaining employment, developing savings, maintaining sobriety, and accessing educational opportunities.
  • Apartments: Sixty-four formerly homeless tenants live in affordable housing developed by Housing for New Hope since 1997. On-site staff provide support services to prevent a return to homelessness.
Allison’s Story

"She came up to me and asked how she could help. I thought she was crazy. No one had ever done that before. Everyone would turn away from me." Read More...


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