Outreach & Engagement


Many homeless are uncomfortable being at the shelter. Each day, outreach and engagement staff travel to meet the homeless where they are, whether in abandoned buildings, under bridges, or on the streets.

The PATH outreach team makes frequent contact with the street homeless in Orange County. Over time, these relationships lead to housing, improved health, and connections with ongoing services.

In 2010, PATH made 1,228 contacts and enrolled 247 individuals for services and housing.

For more information about PATH, please contact Matthew Ballard at (919) 724-3170 or by email Matt@housingfornewhope.org.


Assertive Engagement Team

PATH and Assertive Engagement employ peer specialists, who are themselves formerly homeless, and who can relate to those they serve in ways that the general public cannot. Overall, Housing for New Hope employees nine formerly homeless individuals.

The Assertive Engagement Team provides clinical support and ongoing case management to the uninsured homeless that have difficulty remaining in mainstream treatment.

In 2010, AE assisted 51 individuals. 90 percent were med compliant, and only four required crisis services.

Read more about AE background, funding, and outcomes.

For more information about Assertive Engagement, please contact Seaira Hinnant, Team Leader, at seaira@housingfornewhope.org or 919.884.9480.


James’s Story

"If anyone had ever told me I'd ever be homeless, I would have looked at them like they were crazy." Read More...


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