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Central to preventing and ending homelessness is ensuring that there is an adequate amount of affordable housing available in our community. It is known that people who lack a permanent address have difficulty applying for jobs, their children are not provided with a stable educational environment, and they utilize a disproportionate amount of emergency room care, law enforcement resources and public health intervention.

Both Durham and Orange Counties ten-year plans to end homelessness call for increasing the number of supportive and affordable housing units.

Housing for New Hope plans to continue to develop these types of apartment developments, through its own efforts and through the efforts of its partners.

NOW OPEN: Cole Mill Place Apartments

The site plan for Cole Mill Place. Click image to view PDF.

In May 2010, Housing for New Hope received approval from the Durham City Council for funding to develop ten units of workforce housing in northwest Durham, including eight two-bedroom apartments, two three-bedroom apartments, and a 750 square-foot office.

Construction is complete and we are already accepting rental applications.

Workforce housing is designed to serve entry-level city, county, university, and hospital employees and many others who work in the community and earn at or below 50 percent of area median household income.

In Durham:

  • 50 percent of area median income for a family of four is $35,650.
  • Nearly a third of Durham Public Schools employees (1,375 of 4,403 total) are teachers, teachers’ assistants and other essential employees who earn $29,000 per year or less.
  • Approximately a quarter of Durham City ( 577 of 2,388) and Durham County (437 of 1,748 total) employees earn at or below $30,000 per year.

Read more about Housing for New Hope's housing development track record and plans here.

For more information regarding Cole Mill Place, please contact Benjamin Burnette, Assistant Property Manager, at benjamin@housingfornewhope.org or 919.698.4065.  You can also visit the property website HERE.

To Apply for Cole Mill Place Apartments, complete the online application HERE

Your application for Cole Mill Place apartments has TWO PARTS:

1) The "Residential Rental Application" form.  A separate form is required for each adult member of the household.  There is a $20 application fee per adult. Apply online or use this PDF.

2) The “Supplemental Information" form.  One form is required per household.  Apply online or use this PDF.

Your completed application can be submited online or mailed/delivered to:

Housing for New Hope
Attn: Property Management
501 East Carver Street
Durham, NC  27704


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