Housing Assistance

Re-Housing Team

Re-Housing staff offer Ready-to-Rent classes for those transitioning from homelessness to their own apartments. The class includes sections on budgeting, dressing for success, and developing sound relationships with landlords.

The Re-Housing Team offers housing placement, financial assistance, and support to those who have experienced homelessness in Durham and Orange Counties.

The Re-Housing Team has housed more than 100 individuals and families over three years, and provided more than $300,000 in assistance for rent, utilities, food, furnishings, and household goods.

For more information about the Re-Housing Team, please contact Cynthia Harris, Program Coordinator, at cynthia@housingfornewhope.org or 919.323.2805

Presbyterian Urban Ministry

Private landlords are a critical partner in the effort to end homelessness. Many benefit from Housing for New Hope’s expertise when considering a potential homeless tenant or negotiating with a tenant in financial difficulty.

Presbyterian Urban Ministry provides spiritual and financial support to families with children, disabled adults, and seniors threatened with homelessness.

Over the past year, 651 households were aided with emergency assistance totaling $122,000 to help pay for rent, utilities, and medicines.

For more information about Presbyterian Urban Ministry, please contact Sam Whitted, Tenant Advocate, at samw@housingfornewhope.org or 919.220.5601.

James’s Story

"If anyone had ever told me I'd ever be homeless, I would have looked at them like they were crazy." Read More...


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